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Emerald Coast Mazda Club

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Our Purpose
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The purpose of the Azalea City Miata Club is to bring together People from all walks of life that may be  owners, drivers, or just people that plain love the MX-5 Mazda Miata.


As stated, members of the Azalea City Miata Club are from all walks of life with different interest. For this reason the club activities try to range a scope of interest so that at some point during the year everyone will be able to participate in some fun!
Activities include Auto shows, caravan drives, drive in meetings with other car clubs, tech sessions, trips to local events, and trips to national events such as Formula 1 at Indy.
Also, the club members have been known to get a group up for some fun not totally related to automobiles such as canoe trips, movie night, and cook outs. Hey, we ARE in the south... we love to eat!!!  

Our Goal

Our mission is to further promote the Mazda Miata as well as share automotive knowledge in general. The greatest way to promote one of the greatest automobiles ever and share automotive knowledge is in a fun, friendly club format.

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